Chapter Officers

Amy McDonald, MD, FACS

Amy McDonald, MD, FACS

Alisha Reiss, MD, FACS

Alisha Reiss, MD, FACS




ACS Board of Governors
Walter Sun Cha, MD, FACS
Munier M.S. Nazzal, MBChB, FACS
Scott M. Wilhelm, MD, FACS
Michael D. Goodman, MD, FACS
Alisha D. Reiss, MD, FACS

Association of Women Surgeons
Jaime Lewis, MD, FACS

Advocacy & Health Policy
Michael Sutherland, MD, FACS

Commission on Cancer
Michael D. Sarap, MD,FACS – Chair
Dr. James R. Ouellette, DO, FACS – Co-Chair

Communications Committee
Jaime Lewis, MD, FACS

Membership Committee
Michael Goodman, MD, FACS – Chair

Committee on Trauma
Richard George, MD, FACS – Chair

Resident Paper Competition
Allen Tsung, MD, FACS

OSMA Delegate
William C. Sternfeld, MD, FACS

District Councilors
Munier Nazzal, MD, FACS
F. Charles Brunicardi, MD, FACS

Kathryn Tchorz, MD, FACS
Elizabeth A. Shaughnessy, MD, PhD, FACS

Ronald A. Rhodes, MD, FACS
Natalie Joseph, MD, MPH, FACS

Michael Go, MD, FACS
Stephanie DeWitt, MD

Resident & Associate Society
Taylor Wallen, MD

VA Liason

 YFA Chair
Nimitt Patel, MD, FACS

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Past Presidents

Term Name
2017-2018Scott Wilhelm, MD, FACS
2016Walter Cha, MD, FACS
2015Nancy Gantt, MD, FACS
2014Bruce Averbook, MD, FACS
2013Randy J. Woods, MD, FACS
2012Steven M. Steinberg, MD, FACS
2011Alice Ann Dachowski, MD, FACS
2010Joseph J. Sferra, MD, FACS
2009Michael D. Sarap, MD, FACS
2008Christopher R. McHenry, MD, FACS
2007William C. Sternfeld, MD, FACS
2006Gary B. Williams, MD, FACS
2005Michael E. Stark, MD, FACS
2004E. Christopher Ellison, MD, FACS
2003Robert E. Falcone, MD, FACS
2002Joseph P. Crowne, MD, FACS
2001Michael S. Nussbaum, MD, FACS
2000Margaret M. Dunn, MD, FACS
1999Mark A. Malangoni, MD, FACS
1998G. William Parker, MD, FACS
1997Michael A. Flynn, MD, FACS
1996Ezra Steiger, MD, FACS
1995Jeffery L. Ponsky, MD, FACS
1994Dennis Ross Irons, MD, FACS
1993Juan R. LaCerda, MD, FACS
1992Josef E. Fischer, MD, FACS
1991Sidney E. Miller, MD
1990Lawrence H. Linder, MD, FACS
1989Richard B. Fratianne, MD, FACS
1988John Peter Minton, MD, FACS, PhD
1987Richard B. Reiling, MD, FACS
1985-1986Rex K. Whiteman, MD
1984Sterling W. Obenour, MD, FACS
1983-1984William V. Sharp, MD
1983Robert Zollinger, Jr, MD, FACS
1982Larry C. Carey, MD
1981Robert K. Finley, Jr, MD, FACS
1980Roland A. Gandy, Jr, MD, FACS
1979Robert E. Hermann, MD, FACS
1978Robert P. Hummel, MD, FACS
1977Tom Kelly, MD
1976William J. Flynn, MD
1975Byers Shaw, MD
1974P.J. Robechek, MD
1973Charles Lovingood, MD
1972Mary M. Martin, MD, FACS
1971Miles Flickenger, MD
1970C. William Loughry, MD
1969Tom Morgan, MD
1968Richard Zolinger, MD
1967Stephen Ondash, MD
1966Warren Wendell Green, MD
1965Walter A. Hoyt, Jr., MD, FACS
1964Tom E. Lewis, MD, FACS
1963Stanley O. Hoerr, MD
1962Franklin L. Shivley, Jr., MD, FACS
1961Berton M. Hogle, MD
1960Jack Cole, MD
1959Byron G. Shaffer, MD
1958Robert T. Allison, MD
1957Edwin Ellison, MD