Robert Berkowitz at Northeast Ohio’s Center for Orthopedics Offers Neck Disc Replacement Surgery


For patients with a herniated or diseased neck disc, neck disc replacement surgery is a new alternative that can help preserve motion in the neck — and may avoid the need for future surgery.

Robert Berkowitz, MD, a board-certified spine surgeon at The Center for Orthopedics in Sheffield Village, Ohio, just west of Cleveland, is the first and only physician in Lorain County and Western Cuyahoga County, Ohio, to perform cervical (upper-spine) disc replacement surgery.

Until now, patients who suffered from a herniated disc in their neck had essentially one surgical choice: surgical removal of the disc — a discectomy — accompanied by a fusion of the vertebrae above and below the removed disc. But spinal fusion surgery has two drawbacks: a restriction of neck motion, and increased wear and tear on the adjacent discs, which could necessitate future disc surgery.

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